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cookieboy gots skillz

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Author Topic: cookieboy gots skillz  (Read 115 times)
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« on: February 17, 2008, 08:09:16 am »

Mario Party Board
How to get a Star: (Cost= 20 coins)
You must get to the (big) Toad head and Toad will give you a star.
If you get Bowser he causes a random act of badness and kicks you back to start

Blue- Blue Space
Red- Red Space
Red with white polka dots- Item space (play an item minigame)
Dark Red- Battle
Green with !- Chance time
Green with $- Bank
Silver- Item Shop (doesnt count as a space
Green with ?- Happening Space
68 spaces total

Happening Space Effects:
2 next to the 1st bank- Flips all the castles to other side (Example- the Toad/Bowser one)
3 on Blue Bridge- Bridge shatters sending player(s) on it back to start
2 after 3nd intersection- Flips all castles
1 before 4th intersection- Flips all castles
1 between 5th and 6th intersection- Flips all castles
2 between 6th and 7th intersection- Flips all castles
4 on the long lane (not ranbow) after 7th intersection- Lakitu throws Spikeys on lane forcing player(s) to go on rainbow
2 surrounding the blue box with a blue line in the middle- players pay 10 coins to cross over and have to avoid incoming fireballs while climbing the fence. If you dont make it you do not advance to the other side
3 on rainbow- pick which lane you want to go in to get a prize (other than yellow) the prizes are a 2 stars, 20 coins, 10 coins, 1 star, and -1 star

I hope you liked it, i spent a lot of time making it, handmade
(with the mouse)


                  How to get star- pay ___ (insert host name) 20 coins
Blue- Blue Space (total- 38 spaces including gold spaces)

Red- Red Space (total- 13 spaces)

Green Space with ?- Happening space (will be explained) (total- 13 spaces)
Green Space with !- Chance Time (total- 2 spaces)

Teal Space with $ (kinda)- Bank (total- 2 spaces)

Dark Silver- Item Shop (does not count as a space)

Dark Red- Bowser (total- 2 spaces)

Brown- Battle (total- 2 spaces)

Gold Star Space- Possible space for star to go on (if no star on then its a blue space)

Total Spaces- 72
                                        Happening Space Effects
4 on top of green pipe(s) (the green thing with a black top)- warp to other pipe

2 on top and below pokey- pokey hits you and you lose half your coins

1 on top of House of Chance- You go in and playa quick game of Blackjack, gambling as many
coins as you want. If you win you get x2 your coins you gambled back. If you tie with dealer you get your coins back. If you lose you lose coins. If you get 21 you get x5 coins you gambled.

1 on top of Gold swirley- Tornado picks you up and spits you out one space behind the star

2 on bridge thing- the bridge collapses and you fall down to lower level (on chance space)

1 in corner- warps you back to start

2 by little paths you go through path gaining 10 coins

                                    Mario Kart Tracks
Mario Subway, kinda like kalamari desert

DK Jungle-Style

i made this one for tt, i know you love waluigi. This track can really test your drifting skillz:

And a Daisy track...*the green things are pirhana plants, meaning that you have to try to balance yourself in the middle, making drifting (especially snaking) harder:

And one for the babies (mario, luigi, peach, wario, dk, yoshi...did i miss anyone) *Random toys appear  on random spots on the tracks as obstacles:

Here you go Roxas:

Peach's that was hard

Ok this track might look confusing to someone so ill explain it:
You start off on the 2nd (main floor of peach's castle, then you go up the stairs to the 3rd floor, then you go down the little pathway. Then you have to chose between 4 paths, there all equal except for the one with 2 item boxes (the 2 boxes are there to give an advantage since its the only longer one). NOTE: if you go up the one with the carpet you go to the 4th floor. Then you go break through Peach's windows into a little pond in the backyard. You then quickly get out the water before you drown and enter the grassy passageway. You then re-enter the castle from the basement. Then you head back to the 2nd floor and cross the line again.  :!:
SHORTCUT: go through the dark green passageway, but you must have 3 mushrooms on you to go through the mud. (Stars and the golden mushroom also work)

Track Keys: Whitish/Gray- Castle Floor you drive on
Red: Carpet you drive on (no difference, just a ROYAL carpet)
Dark Grey- Stairs
Light Blue: Sky
Dark Blue: Water
Light Green: Grass NOTE: you cant go off road in the grass part or else lakitu comes for you
Dark Green: Also grass (just shows shortcut path)
Light Brown: Door (just hit to open)
Dark Brown: Mud (slows your speed)
This took me about an hour or so to finish so i hope you like it!

Go Yoshi!

Classics! A Wario Dirt course. But here's the catch. Only Motorcycles can race on this track.

NOTE: The red thing with white arrows is a boost strip

Shy Guy gets a track too! Just like other highway tracks this track has gian moving viechles

A basic Figure 8- like track.

Here's a motorcycle-only version of Todette Raceway

And a Motorcycle Test Track

Toad Lake...Pretty Squigily. NOTE: You need 1 muhroom only to go through the shortcut!

just to take your mind of of mk tracks lol. I kick ***  :king:

Back to mk Tongue NOTE: You need triple mushrooms, a star, or golden mushroom to go through the shortcut!

yay for diddy  :afro: NOTE: The DK thing shoots barrels out of BOTH sides and the tree drops cocontuts

Boo Boardwalk...SCARY!!!

No laps, just a nice dash in Bowser Jr's Alley. NOTE: The giant black and white thing is spiky balls which rooll down the track. And the Fire looking thing is fire which goes down the track

2 Bowser Castles woof that was long, 45 minutes. One is 1 lap and the other is 2 laps.

NOTE: The brown dots are Goombas. The goombas make it harder to drift

Simple Motorcycle-Only Dirt Course

Basic track here NOTE: Cheep Cheeps coming flying on the track

Not too hard of a track

NOTE: Brown dots are monty moles

NOTE: Blue dot are whomps and grey dots are thwomps

Desert track. NOTE: The pokey in the track moves around and makes you spin when you hit it

Dry Bones now has a track

                                              Mario Kart Battle Arenas
A simple one

NOTE: The box on water is in the air, not on the water. And if 2 karts collide in air they fall in the water

Chain Chomp Arena!!!

Paratroopa Isle Smiley

if you want to make a request tell me
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